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RPI's only TTBB A Cappella Group

We are Duly Noted, RPI's only TTBB group, founded in 2008.


Duly Noted has been built on the vocal and character diversity of its members whose interests span many musical genres.


With this diversity, Duly Noted strives to rehearse and perform using all of the strengths of its members as individuals to create a unique a cappella experience.


Duly Noted performs at various on campus events throughout the academic year. We have high hopes for the upcoming semesters.


Duly Noted performs at a wide variety of occasions. We would love to perform at your next event!

A Night of
Slam (and Welcome to the Jam)

Fall, 2016 Concert

A Night in
the West

Spring, 2017 Concert

A Night at
the Museum, (no relation)

Fall, 2017 Concert

Whose Night is
it Anyway?

Spring, 2018 Concert

A Night With
Duly Noted: HD Remix
(10 Year Anniversary Concert)

Fall, 2018 Concert

Duly Noted
Winter Invitational 2019

Winter, 2019 Concert

A Night of
$elling Out

Spring, 2019 Concert

A Night in
The Dungeon

Fall, 2019 Concert

Duly Noted
Winter Invitational 2020

Winter, 2020 Concert


A Brief History of Duly Noted.

  • Spring, 2008

    Our Beginnings

    Justin Nelson posted up fliers around the RPI campus to find other students interested in establishing an all-male A Cappella group. After hearing back from Jim Tatalias and Gavin Templer, he made arrangements for the three to meet and make plans for starting up the group the following semester.

  • Fall, 2008

    A Group is Born

    From the start, this diverse and quirky group of male singers were eager to hit the stage and perform songs from all eras and genres. Those who know Duly Noted and see them together say that the group seems like an unlikely gathering of singers, but it is this range of characters that builds the essence of Duly Noted and makes us unique.

  • Fall, 2009

    Tough Semester!

    The group decided it was time to host their very own show. Rehearsals that semester were tough, Stephen Ball and many other members at the time recalled. It took a lot of hard work and dedication, but we pulled it off.

  • December 4th, 2009

    Show Time!

    On this historic day, Duly Noted, the Cornell Chordials and the UMass Amherst Vocal Suspects got together at The Duly Noted Show and each group got on stage for their own moment under the limelight. The excitement swept us all off our feets!!

  • Fall, 2021

    New Updates :)

    Our group decided that it was time to become more inclusive. We decided to change from being strictly all-male to being a TTBB group! With this change, our group has grown greatly and we are excited to continue growing and performing!!

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    Of Our

Our Current Members:

Meet our amazing musicians. (Click on their faces for more information!)

Sean Jacob Alcordo (He/Him)

Media Manager
Freshman in Game Simulation Arts & Sciences

Tenor II/Baritone

Zev Battad (He/Him)

Graduate Student in Cognitive Science


Eilan Chai (He/Him)

Sophomore in Business Management

Tenor II/Baritone

Skip King (She/Her)

Junior in Game Simulation Arts & Sciences

Tenor II

Robert LaBarge (He/Him)

Assistant Music Director
Freshman in Mechanical Engineering


Joe Papini (He/Him)

Senior in Aeronautical Engineering


Jean Pasato (He/Him)

Junior in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering

Tenor I/Tenor II

Riane Richard (She/Her)

Freshman in Biology

Tenor I

Sergey Scoville (He/Him)

Music Director
Senior in Physics and Mathematics



And of course a huge thank you to our alumni who have made this group the way it is today!

Sidharth Addepalli

Enza Allegretti

Mat Aliotta

Aerrol Ampeloquio

Andrew Ball

Max Barrett

Casey Burns

Dylan Bockelman

Ranjeev Chabra

Adam Champagne

Massimiliano Colella

Joe Dryer

Chris Fall

Connor Finnell

Eric Franco

Brandon Fung

Kyle Gensler

Josh Hochman

Kevin Houghtaling

Nick Iaconis

Matt Jackson

Kyle Johnson

Haisol Kim

Jessica Klemets

Benjamin Lanning

Jeff Liebowitz

Eric Lowry

Daniel Marion

Adam Merkle

Conrad Mossl

Justin Nelson

Kyle Picha

Andrew Piszek

Ben Santagata

Tom Shannon

Colton Schroeder

Arslan Sheikh

Cristian Soto

Dylan Tai

Jim Tatalias

Zachory Taylor

Gavin Templar

Matthew Thayer

Andrew Updegrove

John Wylie

Bo Yuan

Contact Us

If you would like any additional information, feel free to reach out to us!